southwestSo I had to go to New Mexico this weekend to see my family and to be fair the trip was not planned in the slightest but it was something I had to do.

I had the pleasure of flying Southwest Airlines (as I’ve done a million times before), but this weekend I was able to identify something that really made me open my eyes to how good of a company Southwest is.

When you’re going on an unexpected trip, you have a lot of moving pieces going on in your head, things you need to plan for, things you need to prepare for and this can cause a lot of headaches in the heat of the moment.

I really dont have to go into details but every part of my trip, whenever I had to deal face to face with a Southwest employee, they were in good spirits and they made me feel like I was important.  Even when I had simple questions that I just wanted verification on , they were polite and had great customer service, even when dealing with a line of people that were ranging in emotions.

In some side conversations I had with Southwest employees asking about how they felt bout the new logo / branding changes, they were all supportive, had good feedback, and supported their executive management.  When an employee of a company says something like that and you can just feel the honesty, that speaks volumes to the company.

Good job Southwest, you wont be losing me as a customer anytime soon.