wilsonpassthepeace103Russell Wilson nails it on the head this month when talking about this Pass the Peace campaign. First take a look at what his quote, then continue reading my thoughts on it after.

“How many of you reading right now knew that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month? I certainly didn’t. This initiative, this story, is about acknowledging something difficult, something we’d rather not see. When I look back at beating kids up on the playground, I don’t like that image. But I moved past that place in my life, and I’m proud of the man I am now.” 

This is actually pretty legit to say in a public venue because a lot of the time when people become famous or successful, they tend to try and bury the person they used to be because they are now in a position where they need to worry about their image, or potential sponsorships etc.  I mean I can relate to this because I’m sure there were plenty of times when I was growing up that I was a bully to people, and mostly because it was a pass down of people bullying me.  This doesnt make it right, its just it is what it is.

It seems like every month now we have a new “Cause of the Month” but can anyone really make a case against ending domestic violence? Domestic violence isnt just physical, it can also rear its head in many different forms and they all need to be kept in check and eliminated.  Elimination requires education and that means educating people from their early years into adulthood.

I passed on doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for a number of reasons. I’m going to definitely lend a helping hand to this cause and I hope to see all of you doing the same.  A lot of people have asked me if I’m only doing this because of all Russell did for Mariah after her accident, and I’d be lying if I said that it didnt influence me heavily but the truth of the matter is that this is an ugly thing and as a society we need to grow out of it and become better people.