pro-tour-ktkOne of my favorite events is happening this weekend, the wonderful Magic the Gathering Pro Tour , this time from Hawaii!

Since I started working for Wizards, I’ve missed the grind, the competitive lifestyle, and the tournaments I used to frequent on a weekly basis. That being said, I can still live vicariously through all my friends that are qualified! It’s not the same but it will do for now. 

As I spent most of the week looking at pictures and videos of the people preparing for this event, it made me realize how much things have changed since I played on the Pro Tour. The way teams work together, test, and collaborate is just a whole new animal. Especially with new content coming out on a daily basis on all the big strategy sites, I feel it’s tough to keep secrets anymore on what the decks to beat are.  Usually now it just comes down to 1 or 2 cards that someone overlooked that makes them stand out from the other decks.

I thought about using this post to highlight some of the players I hope to see do well at the Pro Tour this weekend but then changed my mind because a) I dont want to forget anyone, and b) I dont want to give anyone the “Curse of the Pup”.

In some of the grumblings I’ve heard, I think we’re going to be very surprised by one in particular team’s deck choice (a very original brew), and I think that this is the Pro Tour where we are going to see some of the versatility this format brings to the game.

My only complaint is that I couldnt find a reason to have my boss send me to Hawaii.

Make sure you watch coverage all weekend,