red-chip-poker-webAnyone who plays poker knows that sometimes you need solid advice or coaching.  Look at professional baseball teams, they have the best players in the world, yet they still have hitting coaches.  I’ve looked a long time for a good coaching site, and there are a ton out there, but I was always very hesitant to pull the trigger on signing up for one. Now, things are different…

I got an email in my inbox the other day from a site called Red Chip Poker, frankly a site I never heard of before.  After reading the email a bit, I realized it was from Ed Miller’s mailing list that I was on because I had bought some books from him.  For those that do not know Ed Miller, he wrote one of the best books on Small Stakes Holdem aptly named Small Stakes Holdem!

So after seeing that Ed Miller was involved with the site, my curiosity was peaked so I took a peek around the site.  The site seems to have a nice forum, good videos, and great specials on books and other supplies. The site is clean, quick loading, the forums are a BIT clunky but that’s because they’re using WordPress with a phpBB forum plugin, I’m sure with some easy code inserts, that the navigation can be easily fixed. At least I know they are using a fairly secure setup and the right plugins. (Note: the web nerd in me never stops)

The coaching squad looks pretty impressive, take a peek.

Ed Miller is one of the most prolific poker authors of all time, Ed has sold over 250k books. He writes regularly for Card Player magazine and now makes regular content for

Doug Hull wrote the popular book Poker Plays You Can Use and co-authored the new book Red Chip Poker. He’s a 9-5 grinder during the day, but a poker grinder by night (minus the cape)

James “SplitSuit” Sweeney is one of the busiest content creators around. He wrote Dynamic Full Ring PokerRed Chip Poker, has made 200+ videos and coached 450+ students

Christian “Chin” Soto has been grinding the underground games in NJ and NYC for years, playing everything from $1/$2 to $5/$10. He’s also a co-writer of the book Red Chip Poker

A couple of things off the bat I like are that the actual owners of the site are VERY active on the forums. They are fairly quick to respond and they provide meaningful insight into the lines they talk about and not only the “how” but the “why”.

The videos are good quality, easy to follow, and they are very straight to the point. I feel like they are talking about me sometimes and sometimes the videos feel like I have a coach right in the car with me while I’m driving to work.

Right now they have a great special for $9 a month before Nov 1 and there’s no contract or hidden fees from what I see.

I’m in a state of flux right now with poker where I think I’ve let some holes in game grow and I’m working on fixing those. I also think I’m at a point where I want to re-evaluate some of my mental preparation as now I’m playing higher games and learning how to move to the next level.

I know where I am when it comes to poker and better, I know where I want to be and I think Red Chip Poker is going to be fairly instrumental in getting me there.

Take a peek , try it out, I did and only $9 a month – thats like folding your BB and SB one time.