fertility-mainThe app that helps women track their fertility cycles, Glow gained another $17 million from investors today in a Series B round of funding. That makes $23 million in Glow’s total funding. This latest round was led by Formation 8, with additional participation from Founders Fundand Andreessen Horowitz.

Formation 8 founding member Joe Lonsdale and HVF’S Nellie Levchin, co-founder Max Levchin’s wife, will also be joining Glow’s board of directors. Lonsdale has known Max Levchin from his Paypal days when he actually interned there right after college. Lonsdale mentioned in a company released statement that he was particularly interested in getting involved as a member of the board because of Glow’s potential to affect women’s health globally, “[Glow] is putting together one of the largest fertility studies in human history, which has the potential to impact countless women and couples,” offered Lonsdale.

Data science and information gathering is a growing trend in the health industry. It’s used to help make connections and cut costs in medical care in ways we have not been able to do before. This is true particularly for information sharing and pinpointing possible connections to find cures sooner.

I find this pretty amusing because having worked in the womens digital space and championed functionality on sites like PregnancyandBaby.com, ChefMom.com, SheKnows.com, etc etc – there was a huge strategic vision to try and capitalize on some of these areas. Now some of the “great ideas” got put on hold due to sales or resources, but in the long term, this vision was had far before.

I can only assume that Glow is going so deep into the science part that they are working on a whole new level of complexity vs a fun app that helps with fertility.  Overall it sounds like a good product, good company and they got solid financial backers who tend to stick with high quality, high value ventures. #goodluckGlow