iphone-4Apple, you’ve done it to me again…and i hate you for it. Every time you come up with a new update for your products, I tell myself “No way this one can be as bad as the last one, so lets go download it” and then what happens? It’s worse.

I’ve been watching my iPhone 5 reboot for 45 minutes so far and nothing seems to work on it with my upgrade to iOS 8.02. ¬†You would think that there is some sort of QA going on there? I do not understand how these big companies release updates and products to the customers without verifying if they work or not. Regardless, I think it’s disgusting and I’m very close to saying screw it and going Android. While I love my iMac and I love my iPad, I value consistency over functionality that cannot be updated. Hopefully my restore fixes this and I can move on.