fitbitSo last week I finally picked up a FitBit and when it arrived in the mail, I was actually really excited to try this bad boy out.  Why? Well, my friend had purchased one, and I saw how it monitored a bunch of metrics on his iPhone, to me that’s interesting stuff. That being said, there are some caveats.

I have never been one for fitness gear or apps because frankly it doesnt appeal to me. Using a FitBit though has been a new experience for the sole reason that it allows me to compete against friends of mine who are also using the FitBit. I’m such a gamer that if I cannot compete in something, then it is of no fun to me. I’m a company’s gamification divison’s dream come true.

All the FitBit does is act as a measuring stick but its a really good one. I especially like the sleep tool that measures how restless you are during the night. Now, its only been a few days, so I dont know how long I will stay interested in this, but for the most part, I thought I would make a quick post that just let everyone know that as of right now, I like my FitBit 🙂 🙂