41 people have recommended Tony

“Tony and I worked together on a number of cross-functional projects. I was impressed with Tony’s ability to take a long range approach to product development and planning. He also is able to communicate technical issues in everyday language, making his planning accessible to a non-technical audience. Perhaps Tony’s strongest attribute is his desire to link technology to broader business issues.”

— John Leggett, Research Director, Digital Research, Inc. (DRI), worked with Tony at Digital Research, Inc. (DRI)

“Tony reported to me as Director of Technology at Digital Research, Inc. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tony while there. He is one of the most creative technologists I know – pose a problem, and he is there to figure out a solution. Quite frankly, he is just someone who can get things done – either by doing it himself, leveraging his staff or using outside programming resources. He was a valued technology leader and I appreciated his opinions. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy – I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him.”

— Jane Mount, PRC, President, Digital Research, Inc. (DRI), managed Tony at Digital Research, Inc.(DRI)

“Tony’s understanding of the Internet traffic business is nothing short of amazing. He understands exactly what is needed to achieve optimal results online. He was always willing to share this knowledge, and I learned a lot from him. In addition, he was a pleasure to work with and always responded quickly and thoroughly to requests.”

— Joanna LeBlang, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, EmpowHER, worked indirectly for Tony at EmpowHER

“I had the opportunity to work with Tony at SheKnows.com where I learned from the ground up, the digital media industry. Tony showed his dedication and commitment to SheKnows through many long hours and willing to help out any department when the time was needed. He showed up each day with a smile on his face and hardly missed a day of work the whole time I’ve know him. He is extremely organized and a great presentation speaker! I learned a lot from him in the time we worked together.”

— Ashley Mullins, Sales Planner, SheKnows, LLC, worked indirectly for Tony at Sheknows, LLC

“Tony is an expert in developing agile processes and leading a team of developers to become more self-motivated, reliable, and accountable. Tony is a great mentor, leader, and has a result-oriented focus.”

— Paul Redmond, Web Developer, SheKnows, LLC, worked indirectly for Tony at Sheknows, LLC

“I had the pleasure of working with Tony for just under a year at SheKnows where Tony was the Product Champion and technical guru. Tony’s always displayed the highest level of professionalism and integrity. He was a mentor to many people in the office including myself. He was a big part of the company’s success during his tenure at SheKnows and has a lot to offer as a C-level manager.”

— Stacey North, Campaign Manager, SheKnows, LLC, worked indirectly for Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“Tony is an individual of extremely high values and morals. He has shown dedication and professionalism in all aspects of our work together over the years. Tony, in his capacity as the Director of Technology for Atomic Online / SheKnows.com division, worked with me to implement the processes to Arizona Branch and as well as went above and beyond his normal duties. As the Director of Technology, Tony was a strong leader to his team and did very well with his interactions with the out of state employees as we went through the
different transitions within the company. Tony would be a very valuable and highly productive addition to the leadership of your organization.”

— Kimberly Grant, Sr. Human Resources Manager, Gorilla Nation Media/ AtomicOnline, worked with Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“Tony is outstanding! Not only as a human being but as a professional. I had the honor of working with Tony on a very large project for a high profile client. This project which had multiple technical moving parts couldn’t have run as smoothly from the start without Tony’s wealth of knowledge. He is such a valuable resource that I had no doubts our project would be a success. Tony had a passion about his role within the project and overall love for his job that it was a pleasure to be part of the same team. He is smart, creative, patient and above all honorable. It has been a pleasure to work with Tony!”

— Caren Wachtenheim, Senior Account Executive, Gorilla Nation Media, worked with Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“I worked with Tony on a consulting basis while operating one the SheKnows properties. Tony is an excellent communicator and technologist. He is fun and personable but always has his eyes on the goal line. I would hire Tony if the opportunity were to arise.”

— Jason Matthews, Internet Gun, Jason Matthews Consulting, was a consultant or contractor to Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“Tony’s knowledge and skill is unsurpassed and he has a fresh approach to solving problems by thinking outside of the box resulting in the best outcomes for SheKnows.”

— Kim Grundy, Parenting/Pregnancy Editor, SheKnows, LLC, worked indirectly for Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“Tony is what you would call a Renaissance Man. He is able to handle any and everything that you need and never hesitates to do so. He is diligent, knowledgeable and does it with a smile. He was very easy to work with at every task and is highly recommended by me and all that have crossed his path”

— Jasmine Cameron, Manager, Administrative Services, Gorilla Nation Media, worked with Tony at Atomic Online / SheKnows.com

“I started working with Tony when we sold Lovingyou.com to She Knows back almost three years ago. We spent two years working closely with Tony as consultants and I have to say he was an incredible resource, both in terms of technology, programming and infrastructure. I would love to work with Tony again and would recommend him without hesitation for any internet based project!”

— Bob Narindra, Constultant, Lovingyou.com, was with another company when working with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“In near 3 years that Tony and I worked together, he was great to partner with and brought many new ideas to the table. His broad business and technology experience was a real asset to me and the technology team as whole, his dedication to quality and collaboration is outstanding.”

— Alex Godelman, Senior Vice President of Technology, Gorilla Nation Media, An Evolve Media
Company, managed Tony indirectly at SheKnows, LLC

“One of the things I look for in a leader is as servant to the people who work for him. Tony’s relationship with his team was that. He motivated his team to work harder and to look out for each other by improving their processes, thinking more critically, and doing just-in-time development for the needs of that part of the organization. The team, in turn, responded by building out a valuable and viable set of websites which generated great value to the company. A leader is only as good as the people who work for him; he got the best out of the people in his team.”

— Mine Ogura, Senior Director, Product Development, Gorilla Nation Media, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony conducts his business in a pleasant and efficient manner. He is detail and goal oreinted. He is also extremely helpful and easy to communicate with on projects. I would highly recommend Tony to any collegues.”

— Colette Bell, Owner/Administrator, www.letmedoyourdirtywork.com, was a consultant or contractor to Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is pro. I have had the pleasure of working with Tony on video implementation as well as a number of independent websites. He combines creativity with tech know how and makes things happen. I love working with Tony and recommend him without reservation!”

— Shay Pausa, Exec Producer SheKnows TV, SheKnows LLC, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“I am the father of a child, Baby Giovanni, whom was born deathly ill and was eventually diagnosed with a very rare disease that would have killed him if he did not get a bone marrow transplant before his 1st birthday. My wife and I were told the chances of finding a match were one in 20,000 so I told the doctors: “No problem, I’ll just put 20,000 people in the registry.” I created Giovanni’s bone marrow campaign in New England, just Google “Baby Giovanni or Save Giovanni,” and Tony–an absolute stranger to me living in Arizona who still received his home town Boston Herald in the mail read about our plight and selflessly helped us from a far with his IT skills by building a site, getting Giovanni’s links on other sites and eventually
by proposing a bone marrow campaign to She Knows, which landed Giovanni’s picture on the teleprompter in Time’s Square in New York City. A man with a heart like this is far and few between. I stand by this man’s integrity, compassion, idealism, leadership skills and techniical savy.”

— Michael Guglielmo, BSS, MA, Controlling Member, Michael Anthony Consulting, LLC, was with another company when working with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is a great management asset. He is able to identify and use the skills of each of the members on his team to make sure that they outperform teams twice their size. In the short time I have known him I know he has an attitude geared towards success and makes sure that those around him are driving just as hard as he does to make it happen. I love workign with Tony and his knowledge of the industry makes it fun to gleam
knowledge from him.”

— Bryant Garvin, Ad Ops RockStar, SheKnows.Com, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is an amazing assett to our team. He is a dedicated and hard working manager who demands as much of himself as he does his team. Tony is a pleasure to work with and a leader in our office. My job and my entire sales team’s jobs are made easier because of the amazing work that Tony and his team do.”

— Tara Schmitt, VP of Sales, SheKnows, LLC, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is a passionate and knowledgeable manager who is extremely competent at understanding and ultimately bringing to fruition the business value of the projects he is engaged on.”

— Uros Jojic, Director of Development, ActionTrip/Gorilla Nation Media, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony’s work ethic is something rare you will find in any manager today. He makes use that every detail has been accounted for and take pride in everything that he does. Not to mention that he is a very easy person to work with. He was also key with the new site redesign of SheKnows.com which now looks incredible and easy to interact. It’s a privilege to work with him now and definitely would be one in the future.”

— Scott Cameron, Systems Administrator, Gorilla Nation Media, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is the go to guy in our company. Tony is organized, personable and provides excellent guidance and focus for our team. He is great to work for, balanced in team management and he makes working in a high stress job field much easier.”

— Patti Milan, Web Developer, SheKnows, LLC, reported to Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is a gem. He is efficient; he’s passionate about his work and has the drive to make anything happen. He’s also an amazing person. Even with the most frustrating situations, he has a knack for making you smile! I’m lucky to be able to work with him!”

— Christine Fix, Senior Producer/Editor-in-Chief Soaps.com, She Knows LLC, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony was a key hire that was able to bring the improvements needed to the Web Engineering team and because of this, elevate the reach, stature, and functionality of SheKnows. He will make an immediate improvement to any team with his agile development practices.”

— Mike Meyers, President/CEO, Sheknows.com, managed Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony has the personality and drive necessary to take charge of a multifaceted project and see it through to the end. He is dedicated and accountable, and a pleasure to work with.”

— Alison Bills Luther, Senior Editor, SheKnows, LLC, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Prompt, efficient and full of passion. Working alongside Tony is a pleasure.”

— Erica Schrag, Manager, Public Relations & Marketing, Pegasus Media / AtomicOnline, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony focused and detail orientated, he ensures each task that is started is completed, and completed correctly. On a scale of 10 I would rate Tony as a 10.”

— Leon Heyns, IT SERVICE PROVIDER, SheKnows.com, reported to Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony Pagliocco is a top-notch IT professional beyond extraordinary. I have had the pleasure of Tony aiding my adaptation from daily Copley Press newspaper reporter to the Entertainment Editor of a website and all the process technically entails. I would recommend Tony for anything that he sought to go after, he is committed and willing to go beyond what is required to achieve the goal of the team he technically supports.”

— Joel Amos, Entertainment Editor, SheKnows.com, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“I had the pleasure of working with Tony on several different occassions and and found his work to be exemplary. He worked well with the other team members and completed tasks in a timely manner. His knowledge is quite extensive and it would be an honor and a pleasure to work with him again.”

— Cheryl Kingsley, IT, SheKnows, LLC, worked with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“During my brief time at SK, I had the privilege of working as a developer on Tony’s team. His positive attitude, technical ability and managerial style all set him apart from the rest. His passion and belief in Agile development methodologies (Scrum in particular) is truly inspiring, and on top of all of this, the guy just has an incredible work ethic. A true professional in every sense of the word.”

— Bryan Dunlap, Senior Web Engineer, SheKnows, LLC, reported to Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony has an intrinsic passion for Scrum that is infectious. His aura alone sets an example that I try to follow. I am a better Scrum Master because of it.”

— James Lee, Project Manager/ Scrum Master, Gorilla Nation Media, worked directly with Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Working with Tony is truly a privilege. There is no task he won’t tackle and no request he won’t consider. He works with passion and is always formulating new ideas to better the website. The impact Tony has had on SheKnows.com and the people that work around him is immeasurable.”

— Cynthia Sassi, Marketing Coordinator, Sheknows, LLC / Sheknows.com, worked indirectly for Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“Tony is a very level headed hard working resource. I would recommend Tony for any development environment.”

— Geff Hanoian, Principal Architect, Pier64, LLC, was a consultant or contractor to Tony at SheKnows, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of trying to recruit Tony for a couple positions with the Apollo Group. Tony came highly recommended to me via a mutual contact. From our first interview to over a year later, Tony continues to be technically and professionally impressive. Tony has earned the respect of our executive leadership, program management and anyone else that he has met through our rigorous interview process at the Apollo Group. Tony has a very professional business and technical acumen. Tony is always willing to work the long hours to meet the customers deliverable. Tony would be an asset to any organization that he chooses to join.”

— Ari Rutelionis, Sr. IT Recruiter, APOLLO GROUP INC, was with another company when working with Tony at Town of Gilbert

“I am pleased to write a recommendation on behalf of my friend, Tony Pagliocco. We have known each other for many years, and Tony is a fraternity brother of mine, who I hold in extremely high regard. Tony is very experienced in the fields of web development and other areas of information technology. Tony’s skill and experience are both incredible and he is someone that I can highly recommend to anyone looking for an a technology expert par excellence.”

— Andrew Ortiz, Student, Arizona State University College of Law , studied with Tony at Arizona State University